Pilonidal sinus or cyst is regarded as the small hole or channel in the skin.The Pilonidal Sinus is the form of cyst which is filled with the pus, hairs, dirt, and debris may lead to severe pain. It may lead to foul smelling discharge.

Usually, Cab Drivers and Shop Keepers who are performing sitting jobs for long hours may be caught with the disease. This usually happens when the hair on the body pushes inside the body causing pain and dirt to push inside.

Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms

1. Foul smell discharge
2 Blood from the opening of the skin
3. Marks just above the crack of the buttocks
4 .Pain while sitting or having a little push due to cloths

Patients at risk

1 Wearing Tight Clothes
2 Hairs Puncture
3 Hormonal changes
4 Rubbing the skin hardly creating the opening for the hair fall area
5 Sitting for long hours


The diagnosis of Pilonidal sinus require a physical exam & doctor may ask few questions about the symptoms, what supplements or medications you take and from how long you had this problem.


To treat the Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst, there can be two effective measure or treatment can be taken such as:
Traditional surgery
Advanced Laser Surgery

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