Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment – V.A.A.F.T


(Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment)

This is technologically the latest surgical treatment available for Fistula-in-ano. Under anaesthesia, a small telescope is passed through the outer opening of the fistula-in-ano on the skin. This is connected to an HD-camera which transmits the image of the inner side of the fistula tract to an HD- monitor. Under vision, the whole length of the fistula tract is removed up to its internal opening which is present inside the anal canal on its wall. Any branching of the fistula tracts can also be identified and treated by this method. The internal opening is then closed using a stitch or a stapler so that stools / feces do not leak back again into the fistula tunnel. Daily dressing is gently done by just flushing with saline using a syringe to remove the dead tissue inside the healing fistula tract.


Advantages of V.A.A.F.T. over regular surgery for Fistula-in-ano:

  • There is no cut on the skin around the anus and therefore no large wounds as in open surgery.
  •  There is no damage to the muscles around the anus which are useful to control our motions. Therefore there is no chance of losing control over our motions by VAAFT as compared to open surgery.
  • The pain is almost negligible after VAAFT as compared to open surgery because of no cuts, no wounds, no damage to the muscles.
  • Complete removal of the tract under vision which acts as a proof that the whole fistula-in-ano disease is removed. Therefore the chances of re-occurrence of fistula are minimized.
  • Rapid and complete healing of the wound occurs within a few days as compared to open surgery where it takes a few months to heal. Thus the suffering of the patient is minimized.
  • No need to stay home for weeks or months together after VAAFT and the breadwinner of the family can go out to work early.
  • Numerous studies have proven the excellent results of this technique by VAAFT all over the world.
  • The cost of after surgery medicines and dressing are greately reduced after VAAFT.
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