Scarless CLIPS – Closed Lateral Internal Partial Sphincterotomy

We use a very small and sharp knife to bring the anal opening to its normal size which becomes narrow (spasm) due to anal fissures. The lower 2cms of the internal anal sphincter muscles is slit partially to open the anal canal. This causes reduced friction of the stools on the fissure while passing motions thereby allowing an undisturbed healing of the anal fissure. At the end of surgery the wound is not even visible. Therefore we call this as a ‘Scarless surgery’ for treating anal fissures.


This is termed as a Gold Standard treatment for anal fissures with excellent healing in almost 98 to 100% of patients who suffer from anal fissure. It is a worldwide accepted treatment for anal fissure and should be offered to patients who do not heal by medicines alone.

The other popular methods of anal dilatation causes random & uncontrolled tear of the anal muscles fibres. Unfortunately it is practiced by many general surgeons who donot update themselves with the evidence based proven best form of medical & surgical advances. This leads to loss of the ability to squeeze and therefore causes loss of control over motions. Females who had deliveries / child births already have loose & lax muscles. Tearing these will surely lead to loss of control in as high as 72% of patients. Therefore this method of surgical treatment of anal fissure is given-up in all authenticated scientific guidelies all across the world. It is very unfortunate that due to lack of standardization, this is still practiced in INDIA and the patients are the ultimate sufferers from loss of control on motions.

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