B.U.S.H. – Bloodless ultrasonic scalpel haemorrhoidectomy

This latest technology gives the best result where the pile mass is removed by the ultrasonic scalpel and there is not even a single drop of bleeding during the surgery.
Also there is a relatively small wound which causes less post-operative problems, especially pain, & also heals faster.

This technologically the most superior surgery for piles. The ultrasonic scalpel has two thin jaws where one jaw is static and the other jaw vibrates at a speed of 5,500 times per second. This causes friction and releases heat energy (similar to the heat generated when we rub our hands against each other) which cuts the pile mass and also seals the blood vessels that are held between the two jaws of this instrument. Thus the wound left at the end of surgery is much smaller than the one left after regular piles surgery & there is absolutely no bleeding at all.

We are arguably the only centre in INDIA & with a largest experience to offer you this method of surgery for piles / hemorrhoids.

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