What are the causes of Anal Fissure?

Hard stools when forced out of the anal opening (while straining at motions) causes stretching of the anal beyond its capability thereby causing the crack or tear = fissure.

It occurs at the front & back ends (12 o’clock & 6 o’clock  position) of the anus. This is because these areas have relatively less blood supply and the wall does not have good support.

Diarrhea: stools come at a very high speed in diarrhoe. The patient tends to control this by contracting or narrowing his anal opening. Thus rapid stools passing through narrow passage causes the tear leading to anal fissure.

Abnormal cases: anal instrumentation &/or anal sex are one of the causes of developing anal fissures in homosexuals and un-conventional sex maniac people.

Quacks: or unqualified ‘specialist’ for piles offering ???101% guaranteed treatment without operation apply strong corrosive chemicals which may cause anal fissure & in long term it may also cause cancer.

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