Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy

M.I.P.H (minimal invasive procedure for prolapsing hemorrhoids)

Stapled hemorrhoidopexy or MIPH (minimal invasive procedure for prolapsing hemorrhoids) has revolutionized the treatment of advanced 3rd & 4th degree piles.

  • God has made anal cushions with an intention to make our anus as an air-tight & water-tight junction. So these are required to maintain perfect control on our stools. Cutting them away as in conventional piles surgery can jeopardize the control over our motions. This can be avoided using the stapler.

Conventional surgery for haemorrhoides will leave wounds at 3 sites (3/7/11 o’clock position when the patient is in lithotomy/delivery position). Till these wounds heal (1 – 1.5 months), patient has to bear pain every day while passing stools and also throughout the day. Also there is bleeding from the raw area along with potential chances of secondary infection and gangrene till the wounds heal.

In MIPH, the sliding loose wall of the rectum is cut circumferentially, the sagging anal cushions are pulled-up back in their position where they belonged and the raw area is stapled in a single step using the advanced and the most effective stapler. Thus there are distinct advantages over the conventional surgery as follows:

Advantages of MIPH over conventional surgery for piles

MIPH / stapled hemorrhoidopexy


No wound outside the anus Three large wounds at the anal margin
Pain is 80% less Painful wounds till they heal (4 to 6 weeks)
No bleeding during or after surgery Bleeding from raw wounds till they heal
Total  circumferential removal of piles from their roots where they start Removal of only the large swollen piles. The ones left in between have the potential to grow and recurr in future as only the effect is tackled but the casuse remains uncured.
God made natural anal cushions preserved. Thus control over our motions is excellently preserved. Cushions are cut away from the body permanently thus violating God’s intention to keep our anus as an air-tight & water-tight opening which is controlled by our will.
Resume regular activities by as early as from 2nd day of surgery Need to take rest (due to pain & bleeding) for atleast 2-weeks till patient feels comfortable and confident to go out of the house.
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