Treatment of Anal Fissure

Can Anal Fissure be treated without operation / surgery?


Acute or short duration recent onset anal fissures can be treated by conservative management which includes:

  • Stools softeners and laxatives as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Warm sitz’s bath: sit in warm water tub for 10 min after every motions.
    • This will relax the spasm of the muscles of the anus,
    • wash away the left over dirt,
    • wash away the pain producing chemicals &
    • potentiate healing by increasing the blood flow thereby bringing the healing elements into the site for healing the fissure.
  • Local ointments and creams to heal the fissure, relieve the anal muscle spasm & reduce pain are very effective. Colon-rectal Surgeon & Proctologist can accurately prescribe them.

 (many patients, well-wishers, chemists, family doctors etc: advise the patients to use creams or ointments which are meant for piles because any problem around the anus is considered as piles by everyone. But as one cannot treat eg:malaria by typhoid medicines, likewise how can creams for piles help to heal anal fissures)

If medicines do not help then is there any treatment before surgery?



  • Botulinum toxin (popularly known as Botox and widely used in cosmetic surgery)
  • It is an injection which needs to be given at precise points and under anaesthesia into the anal opening.
  • It’s temporary effect for 6 months is enough to heal the fissure.
  • Botox thereby is a very practical option rather than permanently altering the God-made important structures at the anus.
  • In case of repeated fissures, Botox can be injected again.

Scarless Surgery for Anal Fissure – what is it?

With a very small surgical instrument (just larger than a needle prick), a small slit is made in the wall of the narrowed anal opening. The anal opening springs back to its original size & there is no cut or wound visible on the skin at all. Therefore we call it Scarless CLIPS (closed lateral internal partial sphincterotomy) surgery.

As we do not create any wound, your pain will reduce within a short period after the surgery.

Bloodless Ultrasonic Surgery for skin tags – what is it?

The Ultrasonic scalpel vibrates at a speed of 5500 per second thereby creating heat locally. This seals the blood vessels while cutting the skin tags. The resulting wound is small and there is not even a single drop of blood lost during the surgery.

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