How can I prevent Hemorrhoides or Piles?

Changes in diet and lifestyle would benefit patients having piles problems.

Avoid constipation with a high fibre, high fluid diet.

Fibres: fruits, corn-flakes, oat-meals, high-fibre biscuits etc.fibres attract water & help in formation of a smooth bolus of stool.

Green leafy vegetables:Rationale:- when soaked in water will form a slimy coating on the surface. This therefore helps in softening the stools.

Non-Vegetarian diet: The meat repells water and therefore causes hard stools. One should therefore avoid non-veg diet.

Toilet habits:

  • Avoid of straining this is a habit one needs to cultivate.
  • Do not unnecessarily suppress & delay the urge to pass stools. Our body will pull out water from the stools and cause hard stools
  • READING CAUSES BLEEDING!! Lavatory is not the Library.
  • by not giving its due importance to the act of passing stools one
  • may subconsciously tend to strain and thereby increase your chances of having bleeding and piles.
  • Exercise regularly: keeping body active helps to keep bowels active too.
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